Hey blawg… its been WAAYYYY too long since I have updated this site. I’m sorry, I’ll chalk it up to equal parts laziness and laziness. That being said, Here we go again.

I just put out a new mix called SOL OSCURO, which if the spanish to english translator is correct means: Dark Sun. It probably really translates to something else incredibly funny or stupid, whatever. The mix is a moombahton flavoured thing, and if you have been under a rock for the last 2 years read this and get to know DAVE NADA.

I’ve been following the growth of Moombahton from its inception mainly because I got a chance to witness Dave melt a room full of veteran djs at the JUMPSTREET Radio 1yr Anniversary show ( Feb.2010 ) which included ( Neoteric, Ayres, Ernold Sane, Cherk, Laberge, Crookz&Gun & DarylO ) and from there I was hooked. It is amazing how fast things spread on the internet, from fresh idea to massive worldwide style in under a couple of years. It bottles my mind. 😉


And speaking of Dave Nada.. I’ll be opening up for the NADASTROM on March 2nd at Celebrities nightclub in Vancouver with the homies EXPENDABLE YOUTH, Dr.SEIZ & JIMMY ESCOBAR.

The show is being presented by Blueprint Events.. and you can buy tickets HERE.



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